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Sona Gold Agro-Chem Pvt. Ltd. is amongst the top market player in the Poultry Feed Industry of North India and Eastern India because of its commitment to offer the products with high standard of quality. We are closely involved in the production process, which enables us to continuously monitor and therefore guarantee the best quality of our products. Sona Gold is the leading brand name and has earned good reputation in both the Boiler and Layer Industry. All the feeds has been specially formulated with specific attention to the raw material quality & protein energy balance, which is vital in timely growth & maintenance of feed conversion ratio in a commercial broiler farm. The vitamins & feed supplements are purchased from internationally reputed manufacturers to ensure proper dosage of critical nutrients. Our in-house high tech laboratory is capable of testing all nutrient specialties, which ensures a quality product for the consumers. Due to the increased trust of the famer in our products, our company has come out with more premium products so as to cater the needs of all segments of customers and helping them to make more profits.

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