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More Eggs, More Profit!

Sona Gold Layer Feed has earned a good reputation in the North India and East India layer market due to its excellent quality in the market for more than two decades. The birds need different protein, energy, calcium and other nutrients according to their age and nutritional requirement; therefore we have prepared different layer products to meet nutritional requirements of birds at their different stages of growth. In the production cost of eggs from commercial layers, Layer feed accounts to 85 % of the production cost, including 11% for rearing. More over there is an exorbitant increase in cost of production, without commensurate increase in sale price of eggs. So, it is extremely important step to choose best quality layer feed to make profitable and sustainable layer farming.

Different stages of feed and body weight

  • Feed type Age in weeks Target body wt (gm) Feed consumption (kg)
    Chick starter crumbs 1 - 7 500 1.5
    Grower crumbs 8 - 20 1350 6.5
    Layer crumbs – 1 21 - 50 1500 24
    Layer crumbs– 2 51 - 72 1600 18

Our Top Products:


Layer Chicks Crumbs


  • Highly Nutritious feed rich in protein and energy for an early fast growth along with good immunity.
  • Small particle feed size for easy feeding and good digestibility.

Layer Grower Crumbs


  • A reduced nutrient density and increased content of crude fiber during to phase ensures maintenance of growth.
  • Highly nutritious feed for the growth of Bird and increased digestibility.

Layer Phase 1


  • Phase 1 feed is ideally formulated for laying hens.
  • Feed balanced with protein, essential amino-acid, energy, calcium, phosphorus required for optimum production of eggs with standard size and shell quality.

Layer Phase 2


  • Specially formulated feed supplemented with amino acid and other nutrients for best result
  • Maintain health of the bird along with increased egg size.

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