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Sona Gold Agro-Chem, one of the leading names in the Broiler Industry, offers a wide range of products. The products are known for offering feeds with best FCR (Feed conversion ratio) in the market along with good digestibility.

  • Pre-starter Crumbs (0-14 days): Tiny-engulfing small granulated feeds filled with vitamins and minerals for rapid growth of chicks.
  • Starter Crumbs (15-28 days): Well textured granulated feed rich in protein for rapid growth of body weight
  • Finisher Crumbs/Pellet (29 days to lifting): Balance feed rich in nutrition for better digestibility, easy maturity and uniform growth.
  • Broiler Concentrate/ B-33: Feed rich in nutrition when mixed with Maize provides best result for growth of Birds.

Our Top Products

| Nature

  • Nature, one of the most superior product in Broiler section. It caters to the new age demand of Poultry Industry.
  • Highly balanced feed supplemented with protein, amino acids, raw materials rich in vitamins and minerals.

| Panther

  • Premium Product offering from the Sona Gold Feeds with best return for farmers.
  • High quality Feed with best FCR, easy digestibility and uniform growth.

| Sona Gold

  • Sona Gold, one of the established brands in Broiler market.
  • Nutritous Feed infused with imported raw materials such as Maize, Soya Hipro, Bajra and medicines to provide best FCR.

| Tiger

  • Tiger, new launched brand in the Broiler market with wide acceptability.
  • Reduces mortality in Bird and provides easy maturity.

| Excel power

  • One of the best product in the market of Broiler industry from Sona Gold.
  • Specially formulated Feed ideally balanced with protein, amino acids, minerals and vitamins to give good body weight.

| Sona Moti

  • Newly launched brand in the Broiler market with promising results.
  • Better FCR with efficient cost of production and High meat to bone ratio in birds.

| Classic Gold

  • Specially launched for Desi Birds, Sonali Birds, Kuroiler birds and ducks rearing for meat.
  • Better FCR with low cost of production.

| Broiler Concentrate (B-33)

  • Feed enriched with highly dense nutrients, and specially designed for areas where Maize and Bazara is available at cheaper price, therefore farmers can mix 67% Maize or Bazara to reduce the cost of the feed.
  • Specially Formulated Feed which is ideally balanced with Protein, Amino acid, minerals and vitamins resulting in good body weight.

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