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SonaGold is one of the leading name and best Fish feed company in Northestern part of India, our commitment is to offer the products with high standard of qualityWe offer the combined expertise and experience built up quality feed products over many years across india, As a trusted manufacturer sona gold fish feed has a nutritionally balanced powder using high quality raw material floating fish feed variant with 38% protein, ideal for faster growth of fingerlings we are one of the best fish feed company in West Bengal Additionally, we have extensive experience in supplying feed for a variety of other aquaculture species, leveraging our core expertise in applied fish nutrition.

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Sona gold fish feed is manufactured by using high quality of raw materials, mineral mixtures, vitamins proteins and essential medicines. The floating fish feed is made ready using modern advance imported machinery system. The floating feed floats 3 -4 hours in water with help the feed to consume the feed properly our quality feed remains intact nearly 34 hour inside the water without any quality deterioration.

Method of Feeding

50 % of calculated daily dose of feed should be offered in morning at 9 -1o am and remaining half dose in evening at 4-5 pm, Feed should be offered at 2-3 points of pond in no disturbance zone where should be minimum moment of human. Feed consumption analysis should be daily basis,feed consumption also depends on type of fish ecology of pond water.


  • This feed helps in fast growth of fish that is whay it achieves more than 1 Kg weight in 4 to 5 Months.
  • This feed conversion ration (FCR) is very less (1.25), by feeding 1.25 kg fish feed body weight achieved more than 1 kg .
  • This feed is made by using high efficient medicines and supplements that will helps better health and minimum morality.
  • This feed floats 3-4 hour on the surface of water that is wy fish consume it completely and it prevents water to become dirty and also maintain sufficent oxygen level and micro flora diversity of fish pond, which helps better health of fish.

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